Pattern Session

Back to basics. Life is a pattern and many of us experience life from the stories in our subconscious mind and heart.

Todays experience is often the result of choices made yesterday and how we choose to relate to our full experience of body, mind and soul.

Injuries, traumas and conflicts create blockages from seeing life fully and being able to fully appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us in the present moment.

With guidance and tools we can transform how we relate to history, which allows us to enjoy the past as pure wisdom and feel acceptance while being grateful for the choices we are making right now towards creating a better future.

One of my specialities with pattern sessions is guiding you back to the origins of your suffering through tools such as meditation, mindfulness, physical movement and more - unlocking energy that allows you to become whole and self-sufficient in your journey of life on earth.  

If you are feeling called to this work, I am glad to get you started.