I'm Alexander 
 I believe in being an inspiration for one another while meeting in the heart. 

By sharing tools I refined from 20 years of studying and practicing holistic health.

I strive to live a balanced life with myself and my surroundings. In harmony with our soil and earth

-Offering Sessions, Classes, Workshops and Retreats below


Pattern Sessions

The art of relating

Back to basics: life is a pattern and many of us experience life from the stories in our subconscious mind and heart.

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Classes & Workshops

The arts of healing

-Food and fasting
-My healing journey
-Regenerative local non sprayed nourishment

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Meditation & Mindfulness

The arts of awareness

Meditations that are appliable in the ceremony of life.

-How we relate is vitally important for experiencing and quality of living.

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Arts of being

We offer a variety of Retreats and Classes designed to be integrative for body, heart and soul.

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My story

Holistic health nerd and former freestyle motocross athlete.

I've delved into meditation, healthy food, natural supplements, yoga, mindfulness, shamanism and plant medicines for 20years.

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Contact & Bookings

Every session is unique and tailored for your intention and wishes. 

Contact & Bookings

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