These are available online & in person

Feel free to reach out about custom workshops based on your personal interests and needs

-My Healing Journey Workshop: 2.5 hours

The story of how I learned to walk again and healed the conflicts within my body after breaking my back, central complex nerve damage and complex PTSD

-Regenerative Local Non-Sprayed Food Workshop: 2 hours

Nourishment and healing for our bodies. The philosophy that closes the circuits and restores the soil and earth.

-Shilajit Workshop: 2 hours

The origin of Shilajit, its properties, how it works to heal the body, and its detoxifying properties.  

Learn its possible benefits for you and how to use it therapeutically.


-Food & Fasting

Food is medicine. I work a lot with local, non-sprayed and regenerative food.

I share the philosophy of using certain foods for healing inflammation and the gut where a lot of the physical wellbeing starts. I teach you how to combine foods for optimal health, source high vitality ingredients, and how to harmonize the kitchen with the natural seasons.

This has saved me a lot of money and suffering, creating a win-win in closing the circuits for a healthy body, soil and whole earth.


Everyone is truly unique and should be cared for and treated as such. Some people needs longer fasting periods while others might need shorter periods or just fasting from a few specific things.

Through my own experience of fasting 60 days with just water, vitamins and minerals in the form of Shilajit - I can offer guidance that allows you to clean out, re-nourish, and restore so your body can deeply heal.

This step of healing allows the body the emptiness and space to self-heal.

If fasting is something you would like to explore I could help you get started and share the ways that taught me to get to know my body in the realm of fasting and detoxing.


I sell and work exclusively with a few very potent supplements. These are all natural, photon-specific compounds with carefully selected sources that I have personally tested and used for my personal health. Separate, or in combination, these natural supplements can create all we need for wellness.  

-Shilajit from friends in the Altai mountains

-Lions Mane grown in Sweden

-Chaga from the Swedish forests

-Honey from Swedish forest bees (Bee water)

By injesting bioavailable supplements for controlled periods of time we can train the body to look for these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through the food we eat rather than becoming dependent on the supplements themselves. Supplements are meant to restore the body and create pathways for the gut to uptake vitamins and essential trace minerals. 

You are always responsible for the choices of what arrives in the digestion system but I can absolutely provide you with some quality products and guidance around them.  

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