How we relate to our awareness is important for how we experience our quality of life.

My meditation practices establish a life in balance through the techniques listed below:

-Grounding & Body Language  

(be in and consciously communicate with your body)

-Clear Mind & Subconscious 

(relating with clarity and resolving subconscious patterns)

-Lean into Trauma & Conflict 

(resolve body tension and locks)  

-Attune, Feel Deeply & Open Heart 

(open your whole flow and connect to yourself and surroundings)

I also offer a variety of meditation classes tailored to you that are designed to integrate into everyday living:

Body-Scan and Language; Rushing Thoughts; Inner Child; Trauma Relating; Self Healing; Higher Self.  


Here and now techniques 

(observe and navigate)

Subconscious programming 

(Focus practices and thought patterns)

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